Can't Blow My Mind

Can't Blow My Mind
"Ain't Got No Grass" from HAIR with New Line.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Singing space songs on our spider web sitar.....

wow. wow. wow.

I can't remember such a powerful opening weekend for me. Ever.

I am completely drained. Emotionally, physically and some-what spiritually. I found myself feeling depressed this morning. There will be three days before we meet again...What kind of stalker tendencies do I have? huh? I really enjoy this show and the tribe this much. It is truly amazing. The kicker....we have almost 20 more performances!!

I just can't get enough. In fact on my way to the airport, I started my car to realize that my Hair CD was playing was 8:02pm! Exactly the number that we would have been performing at that exact time. Flippin' weird.

There have been shows that I have left the theatre and had a celebratory drink because the hell was FINALLY over. Not Hair. I am already fearful that I may spiral into another bout of depression the day after the closing show. God bless you, Paxil, baby!

If you haven't seen the yourself a favor...go!

I'm not saying to go because I'm in it...I would honestly tell you if it sucked........

This is a very wonderful theatrical experience with a stellar cast.

Please come to the Be-in!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We All Know Where It's At...

I know where it's at.

For me, it's with the Osage tribe. Never in my adult life have I experienced such unity. I witnessed it again after rehearsal tonight. When one member is low the rest all come to the rescue. When one member needs support someone notices and tries to be there to heal. And it is all genuine. Never a "put-on". Real.

Thank you Osage tribe for being real. Real friends, real people, genuine. I am so proud and blessed to be a member of the Osage.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

my eyes are open ...wide.

It is ironic that I am in the cast of HAIR during a period of major personal transition. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. Although I cannot disclose all , I have had some major decisions to make recently. I have made those decisions and I feel positive they are correct for me and my family. 100% No doubts and I feel great!

Depression has been my enemy over the past four years. Post-partum is a bitch...take your sexist B.S. Tom Cruise and shove it up your Scientologist bum hole! I have a great marriage, kids, home, friends, career. What was my problem? (besides hormone imbalance) What was missing? Why I am not feeling completely happy? Where is the "Robin" that I have always known?

Then at a point when I needed it most I became immersed once again in the world of theatre. Thanks Scotty! Not as a staff member, but as one of the cast. I love choreographing, but the actor in me had been severely neglected for 8 years. Eight years without being in a show. I had to ask myself what was missing? Sometimes we need a push to discover the obvious.

Thanks to the tribe for your support and friendship. What wonderful people...New Line has always felt like home and once again I feel whole.